Rest In Peace Bulldog

The Bulldog is closed.

The reason is on the bottom of this page.

This webpage will remain as a positive image of what was.

A Gonzaga District
favorite party spot on the northeast corner of the
Gonzaga University campus
The Bulldog
1305 N. Hamilton St.
Spokane  WA  99202
Bar is open Monday thru Saturday
11:00 a.m. -
 2:00 a.m
Open Sunday Noon
- 2:00 a.m.
Happy Hour 4-7 daily
Kitchen is Now OPEN

Monday - Saturday
11:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.
FREE Wi-Fi Hot Spot
Under 21 okay until 4pm
  Fun staff. Crazy patrons (the good kind). Real Cold Beer (if you are into that kind of thing). No reservations needed. Come to The Dog as you are. Super view of Hamilton and Sharp Streets. Only a 95 second run from the Foley Library (try it).  
5 TV's  -  2 Pool Tables  -  FREE Popcorn
Foosball  -  Darts
  -  Pinball  -  Video Games
8 Fishbowls  -  Wi-Fi Hotspot  - 
Premium Music
19 Beers on Tap - 25 Can & Bottle Beer Brands
Domestic, Micro and Specialty Beers
Plus, you can get a bite at The Dog
Now Serving Cocktails
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The Bulldog - Formal announcement to our patrons

The owners of The Bulldog, (formerly The Bulldog Tavern) are sad to announce that on the 31st of August we will no longer occupy our building on the corner of Sharp and Hamilton.

After 65 years of continuous operation through wars and recession we are leaving.   We have owned and operated The Bulldog for 15 of those 65 years.   We love Gonzaga, the student body and the Logan neighborhood all of whom have supported us throughout.  We are proud to have been the home of the world famous “Kennel Club” and it truly breaks our hearts that we have to leave.

We are the owners of the business, the equipment and our name but not the actual building on the corner of Sharp and Hamilton.  We have for the last fifteen years operated our business under a lease with a specific understanding that our landlord, Willard Quinn III “intended” to sell us the building.   That lease ends at 12:01 AM on the 1st of September.   Last year, Quinn stated that he no longer intended to sell the building and stated that he had changed his mind.   Instead, Quinn offered to lease us the building.  We could not see our way clear to lease something we were prepared to buy on terms we had negotiated years ago.  Quinn told us he had another tenant chomping at the bit to sign the new lease, despite the fact that our group owns The Bulldog trade name and all the trade fixtures.  

We sued to enforce the lease.   In a hand written document which is part of the court record Quinn indicated to his ex-girlfriend, who we had just discovered was apparently the tenant waiting in the wings that we “pissed him off” and he then decided that he would sell the building to her.  Mr. Quinn is married.   Ms. Livingston is a former employee of the Bulldog from fifteen years ago.  Livingston agreed to buy the building literally without any business plan for $650,000.

There is a clause in our present lease which is triggered if there is an offer to purchase the building by a third party.  We have the right to match the offer.   If we can not match the offer Quinn has the right to sell to the third party.  We do not believe this is a reasonable offer and cannot make an unreasonable offer to match that price. Thus we have made a very difficult decision to permit that sale to go forward.  We will, however, watch the transaction carefully.

The present owners of “The Bulldog” own the legal rights to that name and several other names which have been trade marked by our company.  We own all of the trade fixtures and business equipment in the building.  When we leave, the iconic Bulldog sign will come down never to reappear here again.  

The facts that have been indicated here can be confirmed in the papers filed in conjunction with the lawsuit this company filed.  That was under Trefry Enterprises v. Willard Quinn III Spokane county cause number 2011-02-02002-3.

So to sum this all up, The Bulldog after 65 years will cease to exist as a member of the Gonzaga community, the neighborhood that we are synonymous with.  We wish the other business owners in the neighborhood the best and as always we are beyond proud of our years as members of the Gonzaga family.


The Owners of The (one and only) Bulldog.